What exactly is our place in the book community?

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What is our place?

We are bloggers and reviewers and more

I believe that if you’re a reader you’re part of the book community. It doesn’t matter if all you do is read and tell a friend about something crazy that happened in a book or you’re one of the most popular and well-known bloggers in the world. We all have a place.

I question what is that place a lot though. Not just for myself but for all of us at a whole. Do we really get as much of a say in certain areas, ie problematic books/themes/etc, or if we have the right to put someone else down because they don’t share those beliefs as well.

At the heart of any one person in the book community is a consumer. And as a consumer we do get to influence market trends, bestsellers, and what-have-you. But does that trump who we are as bloggers? As reviewers?

Shared thought and bullies?

I have a large problem with a lot of what I see in this community. This has gone hand in hand with how much I have felt in the past to become someone I’m not. I’ve seen this community build people up just to knock them down later. Does it go back to shared beliefs and values? Maybe. I may not be the authority to say one way or another, but who really is?

I am tired of seeing a lot of the infighting or the subtweeting about other members of this community. And the times when it’s not so subtle. I’ve seen certain groups of people band together to try and bring one person down because they dared to have an opinion on a book or author that went against the norm or something one person in the group didn’t agree with. I’ve seen groups of people band together to alienate a supposed friend of theirs because they dared to speak out about a topic that group didn’t like.

I want to know where these people get the nerve to do this. This community is here to build others up. We’re here to help the little guy get noticed. The book community is supposed to be a safe haven for those who use books as an escape, whether it be from something in real life or just the idea of living in another’s shoes.

We need to do better

As a community we need to do better. We need to recognize how our actions can affect others who read what we write, who we talk to, any and every person. There are times we are going to disagree, and that’s completely okay. It’s how we go about those disagreements that define who we are in this community. I know this is possible but we all need to make the effort. Sometimes we just need to agree to disagree. Sometimes we need to walk away. We need to remember that trying to educate others is okay, but we can’t do it in a way that will alienate the other person. We need to do better.



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